Friday, June 12, 2009

How Visable Vote will change the world

Paul Everton has written an application that could have a very positive impact to the world, if we the people, recognize what it represents for us. I realize that is a pretty big statement to make, but this program has incredible significance to what it is capable of, and if it was ever to be leveraged on a mass scale, the benefits could profoundly change our society. If something like this could have the adoption of a viral monkey peeing video, the internet would have truly been leveraged for its communications power, for the people, by the people.

This program is Visible Vote, and it puts in the hands, literally, the power to hold government actions accountable for the choices they make on our behalf. It also helps the user understand if the person they choose to represent them, is really representing their best interests.

We all live under a central bank system, you can research it yourself, but inevitably it puts the power to control whole societies in the hands of a few. Will these few work to create a better world for society, or will the focus being on building a better world for themselves? We have a government in place, that is suppose to ensure the greater good is being looked after. It should provide checks and bounds, limiting the power of a few to be leveraged against the masses. Essentially an audit process to ensure our freedoms and liberties are not being squashed at the whim of a few. However, this system still puts the power to audit and verify, in the hands of a few again, and we have to hope they follow through on those election promises that sounded so good at the time.

Now in my world, working with computer security systems, some level of audit transparency exists, is even expected, it's just part of the process that ensures the integrity of the entire system used. Why wouldn't anyone want this level of visability into governement actions? If they are really working for us, then none of us have anything to worry about. If something needs explaining, facebook and twitter are great platforms for getting the message out, and could even turn into a dialogue that helps we the people, understand what a handful are doing when they make the choices they make regarding our lives.

Technology changes things, and we have the ability to make this level of transparency happen. Would not the founding fathers be enthralled with a system that links the masses together, and truly harnesses the voice of many, to speak to the voice of power and control? Something like Visable Vote, would allow the people that elect representatives, to validate their actions on a daily basis, taking but a few moments and all done from the mobile phone in your hand. In many areas, an audit process is mandated by the government, what's wrong with making the people that elect them, part of that process?

Your vote may count, but your follow up on the people you vote for is critical.

The question remains, will an application like Visible Vote bring out the social consciousness in the people, or will it confirm the complete apathy and distraction that pervades our culture? If it's the latter, then we truly are getting exactly what we deserve; a culture too immersed in monkey peeing videos to even know or care what might be missing from all our lives.

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